Running out

Have you ever felt like: now or never? I can bet that you did. There has to come a moment when you feel like you are running out of everything. The most appreciable thing is when somebody knows to handle this. When you know how to get up and start moving again. Even if you had a thousand promises broken, if you had hundreds of bad choices made and even if you feel that you acted stupid most of the time, belived people you shouldn’t have had. You can not change the past, you’ve learnt a lot and maybe that made you careless for others, too harsh or too disappointed time to time, but you’re still living, you have to move on. I’ve recently listened to a song, Tristania: Selling out. Summarizes everything we can think about in these kind of situations. Yes, we can feel like dying on the inside, or feeling down, unable or not wanting to do anything, being afraid to make the same mistakes or mostly being afraid to get in to the same kind of stories. I’m running out of/ Steps to walk/ Of air to breathe/ And words to talk/ I’m running out of/ Noise to make/ Of jokes to tell/ And hearts to brake -sais the lyrics. Have you ever felt that you can no longer be happy, or you will no longer have luck in something? Felt like your legs are deeply buried in the ground and you can barely move them? Were you scared of trying to be happy like I am? Were you coward as I am?

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